The future of respiratory care. Now.

RespiroTM is a digital medicine offering that uses advanced smart inhalers, AI and software to measure and improve respiratory therapies

Upgrading respiratory care with RespiroTM

RespiroTM is comprised of add-on sensors that transform existing inhalers into smart connected devices, a mobile application and a provider portal. Once activated, RespiroTM generates high-definition data providing unparalleled insight into medication use, patient compliance and lung health patterns, leading to more informed care decisions for everyone involved.

Personalized Support

Patients can feel confident that their therapy is suited to their needs and going according to plan

Data-driven Therapies

Healthcare professionals have access to a wealth of data and tools that help upgrade the care they deliver

System-wide Value

Health system are able to better measure therapy outcomes and costs and optimize treatments

RespiroTM Sensors

tracks when and how well patients use their inhalers, and generates personalized inspiration profiles to help monitor disease progression

RespiroTM Mobile

drives patient engagement, provides personalized support and coaching, and improves compliance and inhaler technique

RespiroTM Vision

shows individual and population trends over time, enabling remote monitoring and the delivery of personalized patient decisions and interventions

RespiroTM Platform

We offer RespiroTM as a co-branded end-to-end digital medicine solution to deliver better outcomes for asthma and COPD

Patient or Provider interested in RespiroTM?

Right now RespiroTM is only available through healthcare partner programs. Send a message to if you want to be contacted when our products are available for sale.

Interested in a custom RespiroTM Sensor?

Contact us if you would like to discuss a development project for your inhaler product.

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