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Upgrading respiratory care with digital medicines

Amiko is a global provider of hardware enabled, AI powered digital medicines. Amiko’s first product is Respiro, a digital medicine product that upgrades respiratory care using proprietary sensing technology, cognitive computing and elegant digital experiences

combines connected inhaler sensors, digital experiences and data science to help deliver better outcomes


Patients use Respiro by attaching a sensor to their existing inhalers or by using inhalers with built in sensors. The sensors automatically track user generated flows through the inhaler, and connect wirelessly to the patient’s smartphone

Patient App

The mobile app serves as a companion to the sensors, reminding patients when it’s time to inhale a dose and providing personalized insights and feedback powered by data and artificial intelligence to help patients achieve better outcomes

Provider Portal

The provider portal displays a dashboard of patient data, notifications about patients who are at risk for exacerbations, and monthly reports on each patient’s progress, enabling efficient and effective monitoring of large patient populations

Respiro is proven to improve adherence, inhaler technique and health outcomes

Higher levels of medication adherence

Improved inhaler technique

Better asthma control

1. Chan et al., 2015
2. Sanchis et al., 2016
3. ACT4Y randomized controlled trial, 2019

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