Founded in 2015, Amiko is growing to become a global provider of digital medicines

About Amiko Digital Health Limited

Amiko has the ambition to offer a full range of technologies to collect data on delivery systems usage, including inhalers, nasal sprays, nebulizers, injectables, or pharmaceutical primary packaging. Our technology platforms are:

Proprietary and Patent Protected

Designed for add-on or integrated devices

Ideally suited for low-cost, low-power solutions

Amiko’s flagship product is Respiro®, a digital therapeutic solution that enables advanced tracking of respiratory medication use for improved adherence and treatment effectiveness.

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Reply is a leading Consulting, Systems Integration and Digital Services company. Reply is listed on Borsa Italiana SpA since December 2000. In 2016, Reply recorded over $1 Billion in revenue.

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Sanner develops, manufactures, and markets plastic packaging and components for pharmaceutical, medical, and household products, with the knowhow of over 55 years on the market. In 2016, Sanner recorded over $100 Million in sales.

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