Introducing Respiro™

Amiko’s flagship product is Respiro, a connected platform that offers the most advanced sensors for respiratory medications and AI powered digital health tools to assist healthcare professionals and empower patients to achieve better outcomes.

Amiko's Respiro Platform

Medication sensors

At its core, quantified medicine utilizes sensors, attachable to most drug delivery devices, capable of tracking medication usage in unprecedented detail.

Mobile health technology

The sensors automatically send all the data collected to an App designed to engage patients to self-empower and to improve their overall health.

Cloud-based healthcare management

Access the cloud to visualize clear and objective patient information in real-time, and deliver higher quality of care with more personalized medicine, earlier intervention and better prevention.

Real-world data and analytics platform

Advanced data intelligence and analytics provide evidence of treatment value, ultimately bringing health and economic benefits to the health system.

About Amiko

We are growing to become a global provider of advanced therapeutics data and digital disease management services, empowering patients, healthcare professionals, and payers to realize a shared vision of a digital health enabled future.

Our capabilities

  • Sensors
  • Sensors systems design
  • Embedded system AI
  • Agile prototyping design
  • IoT tailored hardware design
    Software & database
  • Database design & development
  • Big data Science
  • EHR and system integration
  • Mobile, cloud & web
    Regulatory & manufacturing
  • Regulatory certifications
  • Computer systems validation
  • New product introduction
  • Volume manufacturing



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