Quantified Medicine™ for a mindful and lighthearted health

Quantified Medicine is a connected health platform that enables a smarter management of chronic treatments based on the acquisition, analysis and use of medication usage data. Amiko’s sensor-based technology is improving care, cost efficiency and outcomes by transforming drug delivery devices into smart objects that collect data to empower patients, caregivers, physicians and researchers.

How does Quantified Medicine work?

Quantified Medicine is a connected health platform that enables precision medicine through real-world data.

Medication sensors

At its core, quantified medicine utilizes sensors, attachable to most drug delivery devices, capable of tracking medication usage in unprecedented detail.

Mobile health technology

The sensors automatically send all the data collected to an App designed to engage patients to self-empower and to improve their overall health.

Cloud-based healthcare management

Access the cloud to visualize clear and objective patient information in real-time, and deliver higher quality of care with more personalized medicine, earlier intervention and better prevention.

Real-world data and analytics platform

Advanced data intelligence and analytics provide evidence of treatment value, ultimately bringing health and economic benefits to the health system.

Innovating Healthcare with Quantified Medicine

Amiko is a healthcare technology company that develops and delivers evidence-based digital health solutions. Our flagship product is Quantified Medicine, a connected health platform that offers sensors, mobile apps, analytics, and services to radically improve chronic health management.

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Product Portfolio

The Amiko medication sensors are compatible with a range of drug delivery devices, including inhalers and injectables, as well as pill bottles and blister packs.

  • Respiratory Devices
  • Metered-dose inhalers
  • Dry-powder inhalers
  • Nasal sprays
  • Injectables
  • Auto-injectors
  • Insulin pens
  • Pills & Tablets
  • Pill bottles
  • Blister packs

Q1 2016 Snapshot

Advanced Analytics Suite V2
Diabetes Care UX
DPI Sensor Production Cycle
Series A Round

Our History

Amiko, a Milan-based company, was founded as a way for transforming healthcare by improving medication taking habits.

By the end of the year, a fully tested prototype was ready to be deployed and validated in clinical settings.

Quantified Medicine goes live for the first time in Milan, testing clinical value and user experience for 30 respiratory patients.

Amiko closed its seed investment round led by Breed Reply Investments.

We are growing our team with exceptional technical and biomedical talent to make the leap forward.

We are executing our clinical research program with a special focus on respiratory and diabetes.

We are enabling the next level of precision medicine through the integration of physiological measurements into our adherence technology



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